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  •       BioBioPha Co., Ltd. is a private high-tech company located at Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, in Yunnan Province, P. R. China. Since was established, after years of efforts, it creates a unique Natural Product Library which provides small molecular compounds with potential biological and pharmacological activities for pharmaceutical, agricultural and biotechnology companies worldwide. The current database includes more than 6,000 compounds (~15% new) all collected from natural sources, such as medicinal plants, herbs, fungus and microbes, etc. Main fields BioBioPha specialize in: Construct a large-scale and high-quality Natural Product Library for global pharmaceutical R&D; Provide reference standards and active components of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine); Participate in contract research, biotechnology projects and offer related technical advisory services; Provide reliable chemical structures (by NMR, MS, authoritative literature and our professional technical team). Featured advantages: Skeleton Type Diversity-BioBioPha library is composed of 6,000+ compounds, including alkaloids, flavonoids, phenols, terpenoids, steroids and much other NPs…obtained from rare and local medicinal plants, fungus, microbes…
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