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Basic information Safety Related Supplier
PROTOVERATRINE A+B Basic information
PROTOVERATRINE A+B Chemical Properties
  • Melting point:275-283°C
PROTOVERATRINE A+B Usage And Synthesis
  • DescriptionAn alkaloid of Veratrum album, this base was first isolated by Salzberger and reexamined by Poethke. The above formula is due to Jacobs and Craig who also describe the melting point as varying with the rate of heating. It has [α]27D - 40° (pyridine) or - 9.1 ° (CHC13). The alkaloid dissolves in H2S04 giving a blue colour that changes to violet on heating. In HCl and H3P04, the colour is cherryred. The hydrochloride monohydrate forms small tablets, m.p. 234-6°C (dry, dec.); the hydro bromide trlhydrate melts at 230-2°C (dec.); the aurichloride, m.p. 199°C (dec.) and the picrate, m.p. 216-220°C (dec.). On alkaline hydrolysis the alkaloid yields protoverine, acetic, methylethylacetic and methylethylglycollic acids.
  • UsesMedicine to lower blood pressure.
  • DefinitionA substance isolated from the Veratrum album plant. It is a mixture of two alka- loids, designated protoveratrine A and protovera- trine B.
  • brand nameProtalba (Marion Merrell Dow).
  • ReferencesSalzberger., Arch. Pharm., 228,462 (1890)
    Poethke., ibid, 275,571 (1937)
    Jacobs, Craig.,!. Bioi. Chem., 143, 427 (1942)
    Jacobs, Craig., ibid, 149,271 (1943)
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