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It is the world's most sweet sweetener by far, is also the world's most safe sweetener tastes closest to sucrose.<br/> Neotame pure sweet, is very close to aspartame, no other strong sweet agent, often with the bitterness and metallic taste. Under a variety of conditions, its flavor distribution are no significant difference from aspartame , while the neotame sweet stimulate the formation and sucrose is similar, but compared with aspartame, can feel the sweetness of the initial lag slightly, and the sweet taste of duration, slightly long. Similar with aspartame, in complex food system, it is according to need to be other ingredients, such as polyol, sucrose or containing oxygen acid to change these temporary effect. <br/> In October 2003, China's Ministry of Health approved neotame as a sweetener common in a variety of foods and beverages, add the amount according to the requirement of production, neotame is China's Ministry of health only approved in food, is not limited to use of a safe sweetener. A large number of the results show that , neotame is practical to include children, pregnant women, lactating women and patients with diabetes mellitus, all populations. The usage of neotame without of phenylketonuric patients indicates especially, neotame is the sweetener market only without taboo groups of artificial sweet taste agent.<br/> Neotame in the human body can be quickly metabolism. The main metabolic pathway is through the body to produce the enzyme in the hydrolysis of methyl ester, the last generation of the defatted neotame and methanol. Neotame in human generated by decomposition of methanol is far not enough to pose a health hazard to the human body. Compared with ordinary food such as fruit, vegetables and vegetable juice, decomposed from neotame methanol volume is minimal. For example, tomato juice in methanol content exceeded containing neotame beverages 200 times. Neotame can with urine and feces completely eliminated from the body, not in the human body accumulation.<br/> It can also enhance the flavor of certain foods and beverages, especially acid type fruit flavor (such as orange, lemon and grapes) and cherry flavor. And aspartame is different, neotame and acesulfame, saccharin has no synergistic effect between sweetness, providing more convenience for the new product development of food and beverage manufacturers, because neotame can be used alone, or with other nutritional or non nutritive sweeteners mixed use. Its appearance provides a more flexible solution for sweet food manufacturers. Adding can inhibit the aging of starch in starch food, prolong the shelf life of food products; in the egg, adding inhibited protein denaturation , keep good taste in fish protein rich food such as food.
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  • CAS:165450-17-9
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  • Purity: ≥98%(HPLC)
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  • CAS:165450-17-9
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  • 2020-04-22

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