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Potassium chromate, commonly known as tarapacaite, is an inorganic compound, which is yellow orthorhombic or hexagonal crystal at room temperature. The relative density is 2.732, and the melting point is 968 &deg;C. It is toxic and can disolve in water to form alkaline chromate ion hydrolysis solution. And it is insoluble in alcohol and ether. After added acid, the yellow solution of potassium chromate will turn orange, which is the color of dichromate. There is an equilibrium between the conversion of chromate and dichromate in the solution: <img id="ProductImg" src="/NewsImg/2017-01-23/20171231742562796.jpg" alt="" /><br /> When the acid is added to the potassium chromate solution, the equilibrium will shift toward the direction of generating potassium dichromate, and when the alkali is added to the potassium dichromate solution, the equilibrium will shift to the direction of generating potassium chromate. Potassium chromate has oxidative properties, and it can react with the reducing agent in alkaline medium to form Cr(OH)4-(namely CrO&not;2-). Adding different solutions respectively containing barium ion, lead ion and silver ion to the potassium chromate solution will form the corresponding insoluble chromate: barium chromate BaCrO4 (yellow), lead chromate pbCrO4 (yellow), silver chromate Ag2CrO4(Brick red). And the presence of chromate ions can be demonstrated by the characteristic color of these insoluble chromates. Potassium chromate can be used as analytical reagent, oxidant, mordant, metal rust inhibitor, and used for barium and silver trace analysis. It can also be used as raw materials of tanning and medicine industry and other chromium compounds. Chromite Fe(CrO2)2 powder can be used as raw material and calcined with potassium hydroxide, limestone (dolomite) in the air, and then extracted with potassium sulfate solution to obtain potassium chromate.<br /> The above information is edited by Xiao Nan of Chemicalbook.
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