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Phosphoric acid has a molecular formula of H3PO4. The pure product appears as colorless transparent viscous liquid or oblique crystals, is odorless and tastes very sour. 85% phosphoric acid is colorless and transparent or slightly light, thick liquid. It has a melting point of 42.35 ℃, the proportion of 1.70, high boiling point acid, being miscible with water at any ratio with a boiling point of 213 ℃ (lost 1/2 water), generating pyrophosphoric acid. Being heated to 300 &deg;C into metaphosphoric acid. The relative density is 181.834. It is easily soluble in water, soluble in ethanol. Phosphoric acid is a common inorganic acid, being a moderately strong acid. Its acidity is weaker than sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and nitric acid, but stronger than acetic acid, boric acid, carbonic acid and other weak acid. <img src="" /><br /> Phosphoric acid was prepared first by Robert Boyle in 1694 by dissolving phosphorus pentoxide in water. Phosphoric acid is probably the most important compound of phosphorus. It is the second largest inorganic chemical by volume, after sulfuric acid, marketed in the United States. The single most important application of this acid is manufacturing phosphate salts for fertilizers. Such fertilizer phosphates include sodium, calcium, ammonium, and potassium phosphates. Other applications are in metal pickling and surface treatment for removal of metal oxides from metal surfaces; electropolishing of aluminum; as a bonding agent in various refractory products such as alumina and magnesia; as a catalyst in making nylon and gasoline; as a dehydrating agent; in fireproofing wood and fabrics; in lithographic engraving; in textile dyeing; in dental cement; in coagulating rubber latex; in purifying hydrogen peroxide; and as a laboratory reagent. Dilute solutions of phosphoric acid are used as additives to carbonated beverages for a pleasing sour taste. Also, dilute acid is used in refining sugar; as a nutrient; and as a buffering agent in preparing jam, jelly, and antibiotics. The commercial phosphoric acid is 85% (w/w) in strength.<br /> Phosphoric acid also has been used in the manufacture of sodium phosphate, ferric phosphate, and penicillin for the regulation of pH; for the manufacture of zinc phosphate as dental adhesive; its plastic can be used for the catalyst of the phenolic resin condensation; the desiccant during the production of dyes and intermediates; in the printing industry, it can be used for the preparation of the cleaning agent for wiping off the printing plate stains; in match, it can be used for the impregnation of match stick; it can make the burned match stick exist in the carbon-like type instead of ash type; it is more secure upon using; in metallurgical industry, it is used for the production of refractory mud to improve the duration of life of steel surface; it can be used as the coagulation agent of the rubber slurry and the raw material for the production of inorganic binder agent; it can be applied to metal anti-rust paint; used as acid flavoring agent in food industry.
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