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<strong>Alkali single catalysis</strong>:The system mainly uses sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, potassium carbonate and tertiary amine as the catalyst, and the conversion rate of lactulose is about 20%. This kind of alkaline reagent acts on lactose, making lactose isomerization of lactulose. But at the same time, a considerable amount of degradation products such as galactose and fructose are produced. The product is not only difficult to separate, but also the color is often deeper. The production of by-products and pigments not only reduces the yield of lactulose, but also brings difficulties to the further purification and crystallization of the syrup.<br /> <br /> <strong>Synergistic catalysis of acid and alkali</strong>: In this system, boric acid is added to the reaction system. In alkaline condition, boric acid can make lactulose to form lactulose borate complex.The balance of the reaction moves towards the direction of the production of lactulose. The formation of the complex and the movement of the reaction equilibrium reduce the production of the degradation products to the maximum extent. Only a small part of the lactulose in the whole process will be converted into by-products. The conversion rate of lactulose is about 70% and up to 75%. After the conversion is completed, the pH of the reaction system is converted to acidity, and the complex will be decomposed to produce lactulose and borate. After the borate is removed, pure lactoacetone can be obtained. Because borate is a weak acid, the general anion exchange resin can hardly remove it to the safety standard. It is necessary to use the ion exchange resin that specifically removes boric acid, which is more expensive. The preparation of lactulose by the co - catalysis of acid and alkali reduces the production of byproducts and improves the yield of lactulose. It is beneficial to the purification and extraction of lactulose. This is also the main method of the industrial production of lactulose at present.<br /> <br /> <strong>Sodium aluminate catalysis</strong>: The mechanism of the system is similar to that of boric acid. Sodium aluminate can react with the lactose sugar produced by isomerization. The conversion rate of lactulose is about 60%. But in general, the ratio of the by-products in the aluminate system is higher than that of the borate system, and the removal of aluminum ions is difficult. In recent years, some non-homogeneous catalysts, including zeolite, sepiolite, eggshell powder and oyster shell powder, have been used to prepare lactulose. It was found that the conversion rate of lactulose is 20% with the addition of 15g/L and with degree of 90℃. If the egg shell powder is used as the catalyst, the conversion of lactulose is 18%-21% in 120min with the addition of 12g/L and degree of 96 ℃. Although zeolite, sepiolite, eggshell powder and oyster shell powder are used as catalyst, the conversion rate of lactulose is not high. But they remain in solid state and are easily removed by filtration. Therefore, the preparation of lactulose with non-homogeneous catalyst has a strong potential for development. <img src="" /><br /> Reaction process of lactulose production by chemical isomerization
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