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For the production of isomalt sucrose is converted to isomaltulose which is then hydrogenated to yield a mixture of the two components of isomalt. Although the production of isomalt itself from isomaltulose is a chemical hydrogenation, transformation of sucrose into isomaltulose requires enzymatic transformation. The enzyme sucrosemutase is sensitive to glutaraldehyde, therefore crosslinking is not possible. For industrial use it is, however, not necessary to isolate the enzyme, as immobilized cells of the organism can be used. Addition of sodium alginate to the cultivated cells and subsequent addition of calcium acetate immobilizes the cells. This allows for the use of the cells in a bed reactor, and also facilitates the separation of the product from the reaction mixture. The long-term stability of the immobilized organism is high and can exceed 5,000 h, even if high sucrose concentrations of 550 g/L are used. The yields are about 80–85 % with 9–11 % of trehalulose and small quantities of other saccharides as by-products.<br /> Prior to hydrogenation, free sucrose has to be removed. This is carried out by nonviable cells of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Remaining by-products of the reaction are converted to the respective sugar alcohols. Although the hydrogenation of isomaltulose theoretically should yield an equimolar mixture of the two constituents of isomalt, the share of each component may vary between 43–57 % depending on the conditions of hydrogenation. An alternative possibility is the direct cultivation of suitable microorganisms such as P. rubrum on sucrose-containing juices obtained during the production of beet and cane sugar. It is claimed that glucose and fructose produced during the transformation are consumed by the microorganisms which results in lower amounts of by-products.
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