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Collagen and gelatin are different forms of the same macromolecule. Gelatin is a soluble protein obtained by partial hydrolysis of collagen. In recent times applications of collagen and gelatin in the field of food, cosmetic, photographic, medicine and cell cultures have increased. Most of the times the collagen and gelatin used in the industrial products are obtained from mammalian sources[bovine and porcine] whereas; production of collagen and gelatin from the fish waste has received considerable attention in recent years<sup>[13]</sup>.<br /> <strong><em>Nature sources</em></strong><br /> Collagen sources can be obtained from animal and vegetable sources. From animal sources, the most common are bovine, porcine, human collagen, and marine organism such as scale fish and fish skin<sup>[4, 14-16]</sup>. Among these animal sources, bovine collagen is commonly used as a temporary cover for extra-oral wounds<sup>[17]</sup> and also for the burns on the body. It has large applications because of its helpfulness and biocompatibility<sup>[18]</sup>. Porcine collagen matrices, on the contrary, have the potential to be useful for grafting of soft tissues<sup>[19]</sup>. It provides a biocompatible surgical material as an alternative to an autogenous transplant<sup>[20]</sup>. Animal terrestrial sources comprise from chicken, kangaroo tail, rat tail tendons, duck feet, equine tendon, alligators bon/skin, bird&rsquo;s feet, sheepskin, and frog skin. Types I and II come from equine skin, cartilage, and flexor. Types I, II, III, and V come from chicken neck. Type IX is found in chicken embryo sternal cartilage, I and III from skin, and IV from muscular tissue<sup>[21]</sup>.<br /> <strong><em>Synthetic sources</em></strong><br /> Collagen is widely used to help blood clotting, healing, and tissue remodeling. Animal-derived[natural] collagen is used in many clinical applications, but there are some concerns with respect to its role in inflammation, batch-to-batch variability, and possible disease transfection<sup>[6]</sup>. To avoid immune problems, some synthetic sources have been found, for example, the material commercially named KOD. This is a synthetic protein made of 36 amino acids that self-assemble into triple-helix nanofibers and hydrogels; it mimics natural collagen and it could improve upon commercial sponges or therapies based on naturally derived collagen. The sequence of the peptide is[Pro-Lys-Gly][Pro-Hyp-Gly][Asp-HypGly], and in single-letter amino acid, abbreviation is[P-K-G][P-OG][D-O-G], giving it the name KOD<sup>[6]</sup>. This material presents theoretical analogues to native collagen in protein structure and folding, as well as pro-coagulatory fractions that could promote platelet activation and adhesion<sup>[6]</sup>. It can be used as a hemostat or a clotting agent thanks to its capacity to trap red blood cells to stop bleeding. It also binds and activates platelets to form clots and promote healing without promoting inflammation<sup>[22]</sup>.<br /> Another synthetic source for collagen has been developed using recombinant technology to produce high quality and animal-derived contaminant-free collagens. These recombinant collagens have been produced in mammalian cells, insect cell cultures, yeast, and mostly in plant cell culture. The production of plant-derived recombinant collagen has been reported using tobacco, transgenic maize seed, and barley<sup>[23]</sup>.
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