Antimontribromid Produkt Beschreibung

Antimony tribromide Struktur
  • CAS-Nr.7789-61-9
  • Bezeichnung:Antimontribromid
  • Englisch Name:Antimony tribromide
  • Synonyma:Antimontribromid
    tribromo-stibin;Tribromostibine;ANTIMONY BROMIDE;tribromo-Stibine;Antimonousbromide;Stibine, tribromo-;ANTIMONY TRIBROMIDE;Antimony(Ⅲ) Bromide;Tribromoantimony(III);ANTIMONY (III) BROMIDE
  • CBNumber:CB7854347
  • Summenformel:Br3Sb
  • Molgewicht:361.47
  • MOL-Datei:7789-61-9.mol
Antimontribromid physikalisch-chemischer Eigenschaften
  • Schmelzpunkt: :97 °C
  • Siedepunkt: :280 °C
  • Dichte :4.15 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
  • Dampfdruck :1 mm Hg ( 94 °C)
  • Brechungsindex :1.74
  • Flammpunkt: :280°C
  • Löslichkeit :Soluble in dilute hydrochloric acid, hydrobromic acid, carbon disulfide, alcohol, acetone, ammonia, benzene, chloroform.
  • Aggregatzustand :Powder
  • Wichte :4.15
  • Farbe :White
  • Wasserlöslichkeit :decomposed by H2O; soluble dilute HCl, HBr [HAW93] [MER06]
  • Sensitive  :Moisture Sensitive
  • Merck  :14,706
  • CAS Datenbank :7789-61-9(CAS DataBase Reference)
  • EPA chemische Informationen :Antimony tribromide (7789-61-9)

Antimony tribromide Chemische Eigenschaften,Einsatz,Produktion Methoden

  • R-Sätze Betriebsanweisung: R20/22:Gesundheitsschädlich beim Einatmen und Verschlucken.
    R51/53:Giftig für Wasserorganismen, kann in Gewässern längerfristig schädliche Wirkungen haben.
  • S-Sätze Betriebsanweisung: S61:Freisetzung in die Umwelt vermeiden. Besondere Anweisungen einholen/Sicherheitsdatenblatt zu Rate ziehen.
  • Chemische Eigenschaften Antimony tribromide is a nonflammable, colorless to yellow crystalline solid dissolved in hydrobromic acid.
  • Chemische Eigenschaften Yellow Crystalline Powder
  • Verwenden Analytical chemistry, mordant, manufacturing antimony salts.
  • Allgemeine Beschreibung Antimony tribromide is the yellow crystalline solid dissolved in hydrobromic acid. Antimony tribromide is decomposed by water giving an antimony oxide and hydrobromic acid. Antimony tribromide is corrosive to metals and tissue. Antimony tribromide is used to make other antimony compounds, in chemical analysis, and in dyeing.
  • Air & Water Reaktionen Water slowly hydrolyzes antimony tribromide to form antimony (III) oxide and hydrobromic acid. The dry powdered oxide ignites on heating in air [Mellor Vol. 9 425.1939].
  • Reaktivität anzeigen Acidic salts, such as ANTIMONY TRIBROMIDE, are generally soluble in water. The resulting solutions contain moderate concentrations of hydrogen ions and have pH's of less than 7.0. They react as acids to neutralize bases. These neutralizations generate heat, but less or far less than is generated by neutralization of inorganic acids, inorganic oxoacids, and carboxylic acid. They usually do not react as either oxidizing agents or reducing agents but such behavior is not impossible. Many of these compounds catalyze organic reactions.
  • Hazard Toxic.
  • Health Hazard TOXIC; inhalation, ingestion or contact (skin, eyes) with vapors, dusts or substance may cause severe injury, burns or death. Reaction with water or moist air will release toxic, corrosive or flammable gases. Reaction with water may generate much heat that will increase the concentration of fumes in the air. Fire will produce irritating, corrosive and/or toxic gases. Runoff from fire control or dilution water may be corrosive and/or toxic and cause pollution.
  • Brandgefahr Non-combustible, substance itself does not burn but may decompose upon heating to produce corrosive and/or toxic fumes. Vapors may accumulate in confined areas (basement, tanks, hopper/tank cars etc.). Substance will react with water (some violently), releasing corrosive and/or toxic gases and runoff. Contact with metals may evolve flammable hydrogen gas. Containers may explode when heated or if contaminated with water.
  • Sicherheitsprofil A poison. Corrosive to skin, eyes, and mucous membranes. Reaction with water liberates HBr and antimony trioxide. Can cause severe burns. See also ANTIMONY COMPOUNDS.
  • mögliche Exposition Antimony tribromide is used to make antimony salts; in dyeing, and analytical chemistry.
  • Versand/Shipping UN3141 Antimony compounds, inorganic, liquid, n.o.s, Hazard Class: 6.1; Labels: 6.1-Poisonous materials, Technical Name Required.
  • Inkompatibilitäten Contact with water reacts, liberating antimony trioxide and hydrogen bromide. Dry trioxide material may explode if heated air. Heat forms toxic bromides. Antimony tribromide attacks various metals.
  • Waste disposal Encapsulate and bury at an approved chemical landfill. Unacceptable for disposal at sewage treatment plants. Consult with environmental regulatory agencies for guidance on acceptable disposal practices. Generators of waste containing this contaminant (≥100 kg/mo) must conform with EPA regulations governing storage, transportation, treatment, and waste disposal.
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7789-61-9, Antimony tribromide Verwandte Suche:
  • Antimonytribromideanhydrous
  • Antimonytribromide-anhydrous
  • Antimony(III)bromide,99.5%(metalsbasis)
  • Antimony(III)bromide,99%
  • antimony(iii) bromide, ultra dry
  • Antimony(III) bromide, ultra dry, 99.999% (metals basis)
  • Antimony(Ⅲ) Bromide
  • antimonytribromide,solution
  • Stibine, tribromo-
  • tribromo-stibin
  • Tribromostibine
  • tribromo-Stibine
  • Antimonousbromide
  • antimonybromide(sbbr3)
  • antimonytribromide,solid
  • Antimony(III) tribromide
  • Tribromoantimony(III)
  • Antimony (III) Bromide 99.999%
  • Antimony tribromide,99%
  • Antimony(III) bromide, 99.995% (metals basis)
  • Antimony tribromide ISO 9001:2015 REACH
  • 7789-61-9
  • SbBr3
  • metal halide