Rutheniumtetraoxid Produkt Beschreibung

Ruthenium tetroxide Struktur
  • CAS-Nr.20427-56-9
  • Bezeichnung:Rutheniumtetraoxid
  • Englisch Name:Ruthenium tetroxide
  • Synonyma:Rutheniumtetraoxid
    RuO4;rutheniumtetraoxide;RUTHENIUM TETROXIDE;Ruthenium(Ⅷ) Oxide;RUTHENIUM (VIII) OXIDE;Ruthenium oxide (RuO4);0.5%stabilizedaqueoussolution;Ruthenium oxide (RuO4), (T-4)-;ruthenium dioxide hydrate,superfine powder;Ultrafine hydrated ruthenium dioxide powder
  • CBNumber:CB1121685
  • Summenformel:O4Ru
  • Molgewicht:165.07
  • MOL-Datei:20427-56-9.mol
Rutheniumtetraoxid physikalisch-chemischer Eigenschaften
  • Schmelzpunkt: :25.4°
  • Siedepunkt: :bp 40°
  • Dichte :3.290
  • storage temp.  :Refrigerator (+4°C)
  • Aggregatzustand :Crystalline Powder
  • Farbe :White
  • Wasserlöslichkeit :2.03g/100mL H2O (20°C); very soluble CCl4, other chlorinated hydrocarbons [MER06] [KIR82]
  • Sensitive  :heat sensitive, store cold
  • Stabilität: :Stable.
  • CAS Datenbank :20427-56-9
  • S-Sätze: :16-17-36/37/39
  • RIDADR  :3139
  • HazardClass  :5.1
  • PackingGroup  :I
  • HS Code  :28439000

Ruthenium tetroxide Chemische Eigenschaften,Einsatz,Produktion Methoden

  • S-Sätze Betriebsanweisung: S16:Von Zündquellen fernhalten - Nicht rauchen.
    S17:Von brennbaren Stoffen fernhalten.
    S36/37/39:Bei der Arbeit geeignete Schutzkleidung,Schutzhandschuhe und Schutzbrille/Gesichtsschutz tragen.
  • Chemische Eigenschaften Ruthenium tetroxide is a golden-yellow volatile solid with an acrid odor, sparingly soluble in water and freely soluble in CCl4, in which it forms stable solutions. In comparison with the analogous compound OsO4, ruthenium tetroxide is a stronger oxidizing agent that reacts violently-resulting in explosion and/or flames-with most common organic solvents such as ether, alcohols, benzene, and pyridine, 1 and also with filter paper.
    Ruthenium tetroxide
    Ruthenium tetroxide is a clear orange to gold colored solution, It sublimes very easily at room temperature, possessing a melting point of 25.4℃ and a boiling point of 40℃ . While it is very soluble in CCl4 and other nonflammable organic solvents, a saturated solution in water at 20℃ reaches a concentration of 2% w/v.
  • Verwenden Ruthenium tetroxide is an oxidizing agent similar to osmium tetroxide, but more difficult to handle. The solvents normally employed in OsO4 oxidations (ether, benzene, pyridine) cannot be used because of their violent reaction with RuO4. Only CCl4 is recommended.
  • synthetische Ruthenium tetroxide can be conveniently handled as a carbon tetrachloride solution that is easily prepared by stirring an aqueous solution of sodium periodate NaIO4 with a suspension of hydrated ruthenium dioxide in CCl4. Ruthenium tetroxide partitions between CCl4 and water, resulting in a 60:1 concentration ratio.
  • Vorbereitung Methode Ruthenium(VIII) oxide (ruthenium tetraoxide) RuO4 is formed when an alkaline ruthenium solution is treated with a strong oxidant, such as chlorine, or bromate ion when the Ru is in acid solution.
  • Hazard Fire risk in contact with organic materials.
  • Toxicity evaluation Ruthenium tetroxide(RuO4) is a toxic and explosive compound, and, although it is less toxic than OsO4, it must be handled in a well ventilated fume hood using goggles and gloves. It can be destroyed with a sodium bisulfite solution, resulting in the much safer and less toxic ruthenium dioxide, which is a dark insoluble solid with very low vapor pressure.
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20427-56-9, Ruthenium tetroxide Verwandte Suche:
  • RuO4
  • Ruthenium oxide (RuO4)
  • Ruthenium oxide (RuO4), (T-4)-
  • ruthenium(viii)oxide(0.5%stabilizedaqueoussolution)
  • rutheniumtetraoxide
  • 0.5%stabilizedaqueoussolution
  • Ruthenium tetroxide, 0.5% solution in water, stabilized
  • ruthenium dioxide hydrate,superfine powder
  • RutheniuM tetroxide, 0.5% solution in water, stabilized 10ML
  • Ruthenium(Ⅷ) Oxide
  • Ultrafine hydrated ruthenium dioxide powder
  • 20427-56-9
  • O4Ru
  • metal oxide