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Sodium alginate is used in a variety of oral and topical pharmaceutical formulations. In tablet formulations, sodium alginate may be used as both a binder and disintegrant; it has been used as a diluent in capsule formulations. Sodium alginate has also been used in the preparation of sustained-release oral formulations since it can delay the dissolution of a drug from tablets, capsules, and aqueous suspensions. The effects of particle size, viscosity and chemical composition of sodium alginate on drug release from matrix tablets have been described.<br/> In topical formulations, sodium alginate is widely used as a thickening and suspending agent in a variety of pastes, creams, and gels, and as a stabilizing agent for oil-in-water emulsions.<br/> Recently, sodium alginate has been used for the aqueous microencapsulation of drugs, in contrast with the more conventional microencapsulation techniques which use organicsolvent systems. It has also been used in the formation of nanoparticles.<br/> The adhesiveness of hydrogels prepared from sodium alginate has been investigated, and drug release from oral mucosal adhesive tablets, buccal gels, and vaginal tablets based on sodium alginate have been reported. The esophageal bioadhesion of sodium alginate suspensions may provide a barrier against gastric reflux or site-specific delivery of therapeutic agents. Other novel delivery systems containing sodium alginate include ophthalmic solutions that form a gel in situ when administered to the eye; an in situ forming gel containing paracetamol for oral administration; nasal delivery systems based on mucoadhesive microspheres; and a freeze-dried device intended for the delivery of bone-growth factors.<br/> Hydrogel systems containing alginates have also been investigated for delivery of proteins and peptides. In addition, sodium alginate microspheres have been used in the preparation of a footmouth disease DNA vaccine, and in an oral vaccine for Helicobacter pylori; chitosan nanoparticles coated with sodium alginate may have applications in mucosal vaccine delivery systems.<br/> Therapeutically, sodium alginate has been used in combination with an H2-receptor antagonist in the management of gastroesophageal reflux, and as a hemostatic agent in surgical dressings. Alginate dressings, used to treat exuding wounds, often contain significant amounts of sodium alginate as this improves the gelling properties. Sponges composed of sodium alginate and chitosan produce a sustained drug release and may be useful as wound dressings or as tissue engineering matrices. Lyophilized wound healing wafers composed of sodium alginate have been found to exhibit large reductions in viscosity following gamma irradiation.<br/> Sodium alginate is also used in cosmetics and food products.
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