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  •        Alamanda Polymers was formed in 2007 to satisfy a previous unmet need in the marketplace and specializes in the manufacturing of well-defined polyamino acids for research laboratories doing work in encapsulation, gene therapy, drug delivery, cell adhesion, and surface coating. Alamanda Polymers provides a wide range of metal-free biopolymers including homopolypeptides and PEGylated polypeptides. Alamanda's scientists, having more than 10 years experience in the synthesis of polyamino acids, have developed a polymerization process that enables complete control over the molecular weight of its polyamino acids without the use of metal catalysts. Moreover, the process results in highly monodisperse products (polydispersity index: 1.01-1.2). Alamanda's process produces polypeptides and PEGylated polypeptides of exact chain lengths with batch-to-batch consistency, giving researchers new options for use and consistently reproducible results. In other words, the product will contain ONLY polyamino acids of specified length, rather than a mixture. Alamanda currently offers high-purity research grade and cGMP polyamino acids, batch sizes up to 5Kg, of the most commonly used homopolyamino acids. Furthermore, the catalogue contains PEGylated block co-polyamino acids that have never before been commercially available. Alamanda can also provide its expertise in polyamino acid chemistry or custom-synthesis services for contract research.
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