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NICKEL (II) PHOSPHATE Basic information
NICKEL (II) PHOSPHATE Chemical Properties
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NICKEL (II) PHOSPHATE Usage And Synthesis
  • Chemical Propertieslight green powder(s); can be prepared by reaction of nickel with hot dilute phosphoric acid solution; used in electroplating [KIR81] [HAW93]
  • Physical propertiesThe heptahydrate is a light apple green powder; decomposes on heating; insoluble in water; soluble in acids and ammonia solution.
  • UsesNickel phosphate is a greenish powder used in electroplating.
  • UsesNickel (Ii) Phosphate is a pigment used in oil and water colors On ignition yields "nickel yellow".
  • PreparationNickel phosphate heptahydrate is obtained as a pale green flocculent precipitate when disodium hydrogen phosphate, Na2HPO4 is added to a nickel salt solution. The precipitate is air-dried.
NICKEL (II) PHOSPHATE Preparation Products And Raw materials
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