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Imazalil Basic information
Imazalil Chemical Properties
  • Melting point:52.7°C
  • Boiling point:>340°C
  • Density 1.348
  • vapor pressure 1.58 x l0-4 Pa (20 °C)
  • refractive index 1.5680 (estimate)
  • storage temp. Sealed in dry,2-8°C
  • pka6.53 (weak base)
  • form neat
  • Water Solubility 0.018 g/100 mL
  • Merck 13,3616
  • BRN 545683
  • CAS DataBase Reference35554-44-0(CAS DataBase Reference)
  • NIST Chemistry ReferenceImazalil(35554-44-0)
  • EPA Substance Registry SystemImazalil (35554-44-0)
Safety Information
Imazalil Usage And Synthesis
  • DescriptionImazalil (also known as Enilconazole) is a kind of topical mycotic agent that used for the treatment of fungi infections. It is primarily used for the treatment of fungi attracted to tubers of the crops, including Fusarium spp, Phoma spp, and Helminthosporum solani which reduces the crop quality. It can also be applied to citrus fruits. In addition, it can also be used for the treatment of Microsporum spp and Aspergillus spp infections occurring in the dogs, either as a single topic agent or being combined with oral administrated itraconazole or griseofulvin. The mechanism of action of Imazalil is through suppressing the biosynthesis pathway of ergosterol through blocking the demethylation process. 
  • References
  • Description
  • Usesantifungal
  • UsesAs a disinfectant for stable and kennel equipment; experimentaly as an agricultural fungicide.
  • UsesImazalil is a systemic fungicide with protective and curative action. It is used for the control of a wide range of fungal diseases on fruit, vegetables and ornamentals, powdery mildew on roses and storage diseases of citrus fruit, pome fruit, bananas and seed potatoes. It is also used as a seed dressing, for control of diseases of cereals (particularly Fusarium and Helminthosporium spp.), and it is particularly active against benzimidazole-resistant strains of plant-pathogenic fungi.
  • General DescriptionSlightly yellow to brown solidified oil. Non-corrosive. Used as a fungicide.
  • Air & Water ReactionsWater soluble.
  • Reactivity ProfileImazalil is an imidazole derivative.
  • Safety ProfilePoison by ingestion and intraperitoneal routes. Experimental reproductive effects. A skin and eye irritant. When heated to decomposition it emits toxic fumes of Cland NOx.
  • Veterinary Drugs and TreatmentsAlthough no dosage forms are currently commercially available for topical use in the USA, Enilconazole is used topically for treating dermatophytosis in small animals and horses using compounded products. A commercially available topical rinse Imaverol? (Janssen) 10% is available with canine, bovine and equine use labeling in many countries. Intranasal instillation of enilconazole after plaque debridement has also been shown useful in treating nasal aspergillosis in small animals.
    Use of topical enilconazole on cats with dermatophytosis is somewhat controversial as there are apparently no products with feline labeling available in Europe or Canada. There are preliminary reports of safely and successfully using enilconazole on dermatophytic cats in combination with oral itraconazole.
    A topical product and a poultry environmental disinfectant product (Clinafarm EC?) is available in the USA. It is technically illegal to use this product other than it is labeled; it is an EPA licensed product in the USA.
  • Metabolic pathwayPublished information is available on the metabolism of imazalil in plants and soils. The principal metabolite in plants and soils is 1-[2-(2,4- dichlorophenyl)-2-hydroxyethyl]-1H-imidazole.
  • DegradationImazalil is very stable to hydrolysis in dilute acids and alkalis at room temperature, in the absence of light. It is also stable to light under normal storage conditions.
Imazalil Preparation Products And Raw materials
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