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Chlorzoxazone is an orally active central skeletal muscle relaxant with its chemical structure being completely different with all the other muscle relaxants. It, mainly through acting on the central cerebral cortex and the spinal cord, inhibits the multi-synaptic reflection related to muscle spasms and produces muscle relaxation, further relieves the spasm caused pain and increase the flexibility of the muscles involved. Acetaminophen belongs to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and may mainly exert the analgesic and antipyretic effects through the inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis. Muscle relaxation studies through mouse traction test have demonstrated that the compound Chlorzoxazone showed a dose-dependent muscle relaxant effect with excellent protective effect on the strychnine-induced seizures in mice. The existence of paracetamol in the compound chlorzoxazone tablets can further enhance the effect of chlorzoxazone. Hot plate analgesic tests have showed the compound chlorzoxazone has a significant analgesic effect in a dose-dependent manner. It also has antagonism effect on the painful writhing of mice caused by antimony potassium tartrate in a good dose-response relationship. Test results have showed that acetaminophen and chlorzoxazone analgesic synergy. <br/> This information is edited by Xiongfeng Dai from Chemicalbook.
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    Purity:98.0% GC&T Package:25G More...
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  • Company Name:Energy Chemical
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  • Company Name:Beijing Ouhe Technology Co., Ltd
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