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ニュウコウ 化学構造式
  • CAS番号.
  • 化学名:ニュウコウ
  • 别名:ニュウコウ
  • 英語化学名:Olibanum
  • 英語别名:Olibanum
  • CBNumber:CB8942159
  • Molecular Formula:
  • Formula Weight:0
  • MOL File:Mol file

Olibanum 化学特性,用途語,生産方法

  • 定義 本品は、ニュウコウジュ Boswella carterii から得られる樹脂である。
  • 化粧品の成分用途 皮膚コンディショニング剤、香料
  • 化学的特性 Olibanum is a gum resin secreted by several Boswellia species that grow extensively from southern Arabia to Somaliland. The small trees or shrubs yield an exudate after incisions are made on the bark; it consists of a milky liquid that hardens into small, yellowish droplets commercially known as incense tears. The tears are sorted; the most valuable quality (white tears) is sold as burning incense, while the less valuable qualities (powder and fragments) are used in flavors and perfumes because of their more reasonable cost. The part used is the gum resin exudate. The resin absolute is a plastic mass of light-amber color and balsamic odor.
  • 精油の成分 Gum resin from B. sacra contains gum 27 to 35%, resin 60 to 70% and essential oil 4 to 7%.
ニュウコウ 上流と下流の製品情報
ニュウコウ 生産企業
  • 名前:Zanos Ltd.
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  • 国籍:United States
  • 製品カタログ:444
  • 優位度:58
  • Olibanum
  • ニュウコウ