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    pig iron
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  • Definition The crude iron produced from a blast furnace, containing carbon, silicon, and other impurities. The molten iron is run out of the furnace into channels (called ‘sows’), which branch out into a number of offshoots (called ‘pigs’) in which the metal is allowed to cool.
  • Definition pig iron: The impure form of ironproduced by a blast furnace, which iscast into pigs (blocks) for convertingat a later date into cast iron, steel,etc. The composition depends on theores used, the smelting procedure,and the use to which the pigs willlater be put.
  • Industrielle Verwendung Pig iron is the iron produced from the first smelting of the ore. The melt of the blast furnace is run off into rectangular molds, forming, when cold, ingots called pigs. Pig iron contains small percentages of silicon, sulfur, manganese, and phosphorus, besides carbon. It is useful only for resmelting to make cast iron or wrought iron. Pig iron is either sand-cast or machine-cast.
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