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Name Estradiol valerate
CAS 979-32-8
EINECS(EC#) 213-559-2
Molecular Formula C23H32O3
MDL Number MFCD00056541
Molecular Weight 356.5
MOL File 979-32-8.mol

Chemical Properties

Melting point  144°C
Boiling point  438.83°C (rough estimate)
density  1.1024 (rough estimate)
refractive index  1.4700 (estimate)
storage temp.  Sealed in dry,Room Temperature
solubility  Practically insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol.
form  neat
pka 10.25±0.60(Predicted)
Merck  13,3738
BRN  2480357
InChI InChI=1/C23H32O3/c1-3-4-5-22(25)26-21-11-10-20-19-8-6-15-14-16(24)7-9-17(15)18(19)12-13-23(20,21)2/h7,9,14,18-21,24H,3-6,8,10-13H2,1-2H3/t18-,19-,20+,21+,23+/s3
SMILES C[C@]12CC[C@]3([H])C4C=CC(O)=CC=4CC[C@@]3([H])[C@]1([H])CC[C@@H]2OC(=O)CCCC |&1:1,4,15,17,21,r|
CAS DataBase Reference 979-32-8(CAS DataBase Reference)

Safety Data

Hazard Codes  T
Risk Statements 
R60:May impair fertility.
R61:May cause harm to the unborn child.
Safety Statements 
S53:Avoid exposure-obtain special instruction before use .
S45:In case of accident or if you feel unwell, seek medical advice immediately (show label where possible) .
WGK Germany  3
RTECS  KG5793000
HS Code  29372390
Safety Profile
Suspected carcinogen with carcinogenic and teratogenic data. Experimental reproductive effects. When heated to decomposition it emits acrid smoke and irritating fumes. See also ESTRADIOL.

Hazard Information

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