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Name Acetylacetonatobis(2-phenylpyridine)iridium
CAS 337526-85-9
EINECS(EC#) 1312995-182-4
Molecular Formula C27H23IrN2O2
MDL Number MFCD12022553
Molecular Weight 599.711
MOL File 337526-85-9.mol

Chemical Properties

Melting point  349-356°C
form  powder
color  Light yellow to Yellow to Orange
Absorption λmax?259 in THF
Like?Ir(ppy)3, bis[2-(2-pyridinyl-N)phenyl-C](acetylacetonato)iridium(III), or?Ir(ppy)2(acac), is one of the most studied OLED materials due to its high quantum yields. When doped into 3,5-Diphenyl-4-(1-naphthyl)-1H-1,2,4-triazole (TAZ), very high external quantum efficiencies of (19.06 ± 1.0%) and luminous power efficiencies of 60±5 lm/W were achieved. This was attributed to the nearly 100% internal phosphorescence efficiency of Ir(ppy)2(acac), coupled with balanced hole and electron injection, and triplet exciton confinement within the light-emitting layer.
Odor Yellow powder/crystals

Safety Data

Hazard Codes  Xi
Risk Statements 
Safety Statements 
WGK Germany  3
HS Code  2843.90.0000

Hazard Information

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