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アジ化ナトリウム 化学構造式
  • CAS番号.26628-22-8
  • 化学名:アジ化ナトリウム
  • 别名:アジ化ナトリウム;アジドナトリウム;ナトリウムアザイド;毒物 アジ化ナトリウム;窒化ナトリウム
  • 英語化学名:Sodium azide
  • 英語别名:azium;Smite;kazoe;u-3886;nemazyd;nsc3072;nci-c06462;azydeksodu;Azidosodium;SODIUMAZIDO
  • CBNumber:CB1853409
  • Molecular Formula:N3Na
  • Formula Weight:65.01
  • MOL File:26628-22-8.mol
アジ化ナトリウム 物理性質
  • 融点  :275 °C
  • 沸点  :300 °C
  • 比重(密度)  :1.85
  • 闪点  :300 °C
  • 貯蔵温度  :2-8°C
  • 溶解性 :H2O: 1 M at 20 °C, clear, colorless
  • 外見  :Powder/Solid
  • 酸解離定数(Pka) :pK = 4.8, aq solns contains HN3 which escapes readily at 37°
  • 色 :White to off-white
  • 水溶解度  :420 g/L (17 ºC)
  • Sensitive  :Air & Moisture Sensitive
  • Merck  :14,8581
  • 安定性: :Unstable. Avoid heat, sources of ignition, moisture, shock, friction. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, mineral acids, water, halogen acids and halogen compounds, barium carbonate, bromine, carbon disulphide, mercury, dimethyl sulphate, common metals, especially brass, copper, lead, silver, strong acids.
  • CAS データベース :26628-22-8(CAS DataBase Reference)
  • EPAの化学物質情報 :Sodium azide (Na(N3))(26628-22-8)

Sodium azide 化学特性,用途語,生産方法

  • 化学的特性 White crystalline powder
  • 使用
    • Industry
    • Application
    • Role/benefit
    • Chemical manufacture
    • Preparation of other inorganic azide compounds, such as lead azide and silver azide
    • Precursor
    • Preparation of organic azide compounds
    • Azidation agent
    • Agriculture
    • Pest control of soil-borne pathogens
    • Biocide
    • Crop selection of plants such as rice,barley or oats
    • Mutagen
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Preparation of tetrazoles pharmaceutical intermediates
    • Raw material
    • Airbags
    • Automobile airbags and aircraft safety chutes
    • Gas source/generates n2 after automobile crash
    • Antisepsis and sterilization
    • Preservation of bulk reagents and stock solutions in hospitals and laboratories
    • Biocide/inhibits the cytochrome oxidase in gram-negative bacteria
    • Photographic emulsion
    • Preservative/works without influencing the performance of photographic emulsion
    • Explosive
    • Manufacture of detonating agent(lead azide)
    • Raw material
    • Others
    • Manufacture of synthetic resin
    • Foaming agent/generates N2 during the reaction
    • Manufacture of Na
    • Raw material/2NaN3→2Na+3N2
  • 使用 Sodium azide is used in organic syntheses; in the preparation of hydrazoic acid, lead azide, pure sodium. Other application fields: in the differential selection of bacteria; in automatic blood counters; as preservative for laboratory reagents. Propellant for inflating automotive safety bags. Agricultural nematocide; herbicide; in fruit rot control.
  • 定義 ChEBI: The sodium salt of hydrogen azide (hydrazoic acid).
  • 一般的な説明 A colorless crystalline solid. Density 1.85 g / cm3. Burns in air and may explode if large quantities are involved. Toxic by ingestion. Toxic oxides of nitrogen are produced in fires.
  • 空気と水の反応 Soluble in water. Addition of water to Sodium azide which was heated caused a violent reaction, [Angew. Chem. 1952, 64, 169]. Dust may form an explosive mixture in air.
  • 反応プロフィール Sodium azide is unstable. Decomposes rapidly or explosively at about 300°C [Hawley]. May explode if shocked. Forms violently explosive products if exposed to carbon disulfide. Can be sensitized toward decomposition by metal salts (especially heavy metal salts such as silver chloride) or by traces of strong acids [Sax, 9th ed., 1996, p. 298].
  • 健康ハザード Can cause death by affecting the central nervous system. Contact may cause burns to skin and eyes.
  • 火災危険 When heated to decomposition, Sodium azide emits very toxic fumes of nitrogen oxides; explosive. Forms explosive-sensitive materials with some metals such as lead, silver, mercury or copper. May form toxic hydrazoic acid fumes in fire. Containers may explode in fire. Avoid acids, benzoyl chloride and potassium hydroxide; bromine; carbon disulfide; copper; lead; nitric acid; barium carbonate; sulfuric acid; chromium (II) hypochlorite, dimethyl sulfate, water, dibromomalononitrile, lead, silver, copper, mercury. Hazardous polymerization may not occur.
アジ化ナトリウム 上流と下流の製品情報
アジ化ナトリウム 生産企業
26628-22-8, アジ化ナトリウム キーワード:
  • 26628-22-8
  • Sodium azide,azium
  • SodiuM azide, 99+%, for biocheMistry
  • SodiuM azide (10%)
  • Additive Screening Solution 45/Fluka kit no 78374
  • Sodium azide solution
  • Sodium, azoturo di [Italian]
  • Sodium azide >=99.99% trace metals basis
  • Azide, 2% solution
  • Sodium azide 99% and 99.5%
  • Sodium azide,Smite
  • Sodium azide≥ 99.5% (Assay)
  • Sodium Azide, For Synthesis
  • azium
  • azide,sodium
  • azoturedesodium
  • nci-c06462
  • nemazyd
  • nsc3072
  • rcrawastenumberp105
  • sodium,azoturede
  • sodium,azoturede(french)
  • sodium,azoturodi
  • sodiumazide(na(n3))
  • sodiumazide(na(n3))000
  • sodiumazide[na(n3)]
  • u-3886
  • Smite
  • アジ化ナトリウム
  • アジドナトリウム
  • ナトリウムアザイド
  • 毒物 アジ化ナトリウム
  • 窒化ナトリウム
  • ナトリウム化合物 (単純なナトリウム塩を除く)
  • 典型金属化合物
  • 構造分類
  • 金属別化合物